Sunday, July 24, 2011

Serenity with a smile

Why do most, some people who go to church seem so sad or make long faces or seem disinterested? Why isn't the choir more lively? Why does the priest sound as if he's being forced to deliver the sermon?

Of course I am not implying that they seem disinterested in other walks of life, I would have no clue about that, just commenting on what I see and this is very specific to just two parishes I've noticed around here, I don't know if it is an Asian thing, not wanting to sound racist, I think it just might be. Of course, another line of thought would be to be grateful that there are other people who make the effort to come at all to share the fellowship. 

Why was the only person who seemed joyous at yesterday's saturday's service a boy who was slightly challenged and was being cajoled by his mom (or someone who seemed to be his mom) not to shriek and jump up and down every time the music started playing?

Where has joy disappeared to? I know I can't generalize, but this is the state of catholic masses here of course, there are some parishes in the surrounding areas which are more lively, which is why I keep going to different churches  whenever possible, my church-going habits notwithstanding. You may ask why do you want the service to be lively? While I enjoy the peace and serenity in the presence of the blessed sacrament or on certain sections of the mass, since the mass is a community offering, it would be nice to acknowledge the same. 

I have attended service at the non-denominational Lakewood church a few times and within seconds you'd know what drives the crowds. Serenity with a smile, is that a tall order? 

On a completely different note, was considering moving my blog to google+, I hope they come up with an integrated solution for this.


bin said...

I love a lovely choir and reasonably short lively sermon:)

RZD said...

And we might know just the right church for that.