Wednesday, June 01, 2011

So long May

Or more like half of the year, this is not a coincidence and you'd be only just a little smart if you knew why.

The ETA for the 1000 piece puzzle was today, it's called 'Central park in the fall', you may ask fall in summer? but then it's almost inline with the crazy weather we've had, winds capable of blowing me away and a gloomy, rainy first day of june, but every time I find myself complaining about the weather, I stop and want to be grateful considering what other regions have been through weather wise, back to why I've slipped on the eta for the puzzle and I'll blame the runny nose and this slippage has no penalty associated with it unlike my current project.

Are there days when it just seems like the burden of the whole project is on you and everyone around wants a slice of you? The flagged items in my inbox is just an indicator!

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