Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Great American Apparel Diet

I must add, that never was! 

Predictably the diet in the previous post was for shopping, although I hope that one day I can go on one of those diets that normal people go on. It was supposed to last a month July 20 to Aug 19 specifically targeted at only apparel shopping, brought on by the yearly cycle of potential (packing/moving/wondering-where-all-that-stuff-that's-not-going-to-fit-in-two-bags-came-from)! my own feeble attempt at joining the minimalistic revolution and the bandwagon of austerity. 

Like someone once said, if you want to be on a diet, you might want to stop hanging out by the dessert cart and unfortunately that's exactly what I've been doing. In the past month exactly after I decided to go on this diet, I became the de-facto shopping guru for all those going on vacations and back for good, to pick out gifts for mom's and girl-friends and sisters and then to stock an entire wadrobe after an airline so kindly lost their luggage. It wasn't the back-to school or the better-than-tax-free sales in AR or the tax free sales in OK that made me budge, it was the darned coupon from JCP, well ... the mauve shirt was well worth it, but so much for control.

Perfect reason for not making such stupid resolutions.


bin said...

Oops:)! are you going to try it again?

RZD said...

yep, diet is on again, I don't know why but anyway ... this time the pledge is for two months although it seems like the worst time to do something like this, should last until the brink of the holidays :)