Thursday, June 10, 2010

Message in a Bottle - Feasibility and Initial Planning

A draft version of my message is ready and sealed in a ziploc bag, it will be cast into the deep ocean next month with little to no fan-fare, at most probably a picture to capture the event if possible.

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to send out my own 'message in a bottle' hence forth referred to as MIB, I think the pleasure of sending out one is slightly elevated than receiving one and of course nothing can beat receiving a response to a MIB. I've had umpteen opportunities to do it but I reckon better late than never.

The feasibility and initially planning was nothing like I've ever done in any previous project, a 5 year old could do it! Once I knew that I would have access to a deep ocean, the wheels in my head started turning and I knew there could be no better time to create my own MIB. Next came the little tough part, the content of my message? Knowing me, I had to caution against the finder drumming a tl;dr, I knew I wanted to bring a smile to the person who discovers it, I can almost visualize a girl or a boy reading it, with a grin on their face and that is what I've set out to do in my draft. I still call it a draft version as I'll probably modify it another 7 times until D-Day. Then came the easy choice of using my email id as the preferred method of response, when they find it, if at all they wanted to tell me about it.

MIB should be sent in a fancy blue transparent bottle, no? Anyway, due to the logistics involved in procuring and transporting said blue bottle, I 'think' I'll have to stick with either a wine or beer bottle and then comes the real trick of how to seal the cap, haven't figured that out yet, but can't let the MIB wiggle its way out of the bottle, now can I?


DiDo said...

U serious?? i thought only i think of such alien things to do..!! but believe This is wot i wanted to do for a long time..expecially after i read tht book "Message in the bottle" ..!! So wen r u planning to send ur "MIB".

Btw its great to find a manglorean in the blogworld..!! First one i've eva come across

RZD said...

Thank you and no, wasn't kidding. I haven't touched the message after I wrote it so there will probably be no second version :-)July 4th is the D-Day.

Ah, I got my inspiration from the movie, have not read the book, yet.

Bini said...

I watched the movie many years back and yeah maybe thought it would be interesting to do it..You actually set out to do it!
@Dido-There are many Mangy bloggers out there;D

DiDo said...

@bini : really?? like i said rZD was the first one i came across.. hope to find many more :)