Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is my middle name?

I could probably have a number of middle-names associated with me but for today, ‘procrastinator’ seems to fit me just fine!

It is Sunday’s like this when I have no clue where I am headed, not that Monday’s are any better! I don’t really want to ‘set the world on fire’, not just yet but often times when a ‘choti si asha’ goes up in flames it’s probably time to start over, reassess or not. Could going with the flow take you anywhere?. Life of course takes the path that it’s destined to take however ever, whatever ever we may do to change it's course.

I admire people who can admit to what they are feeling, to just get done with it! I could do that on my anonymous blog but never where people know me! Bottled up would have described me perfectly for most of my life, but probably not as much anymore and despite all I am a through and through sucker for happy endings.

The list on the left can’t be comprehensive; one very important item is missing and maybe a million others ... I’ll probably redo it when I need another excuse for procrastination like today!


Purely Narcotic said...

I like the last line 'STOP. She's all that'. A singular identity is way to restrictive and multitudes never enough... javascript:void(0)

RZD said...

@Purely Narcotic true... and then I love that movie too :-)

Anonymous said...

Im on Wp:)..

Bini said...

yeah.its so true how some people can write on their blog exactly what they feel and not mind people who they know reading it.I wish I could but dont think I can:) just feels so weird..

RZD said...

@Bini, I think I'm getting there in some small ways to start with :-)

Updated my Blogroll with your blog.