Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dreams... 10 years on

I came across an essay I had written about 10 years ago which helped me qualify for the 'Teen of the Year' Contest, it was titled 'I have a dream and a plan to make my dream come true'. On reading it, I was not surprised to realize that I have still not achieved my dream! or even come close to its realization. The dreams in the essay seemed vague and obscure at first glance but the plans to achieve them were mighty.

I remember being quizzed about the content of the essay as a part of the initial rounds of the Contest and being asked why I did not have a concrete dream for the benefit of myself, rather than the world around me and no, none of my dreams involved world peace! My quest for *those* dreams continues even today and I did not find a single sentence in that 300 word essay (that was the limit) that seemed irrelevant, while it does not prove the vision of a teenager it only proves that while it may be easy to dream, coming anywhere close to achieving them is the hard reality. If I had to write an essay on the same topic today, I would surely need more 300 words, I'd have some of the dreams from the original essay and some with a little selfish goal too and I think the plans to achieve would be more elaborate, I can't say wiser! 10 years somehow does not seem to be a really long time ago!

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