Thursday, November 01, 2007

e Coli anyone?

The first time I heard about e coli was in regard to the recall of some brands of spinach almost a year ago, but then who cared?...not that i would pick up the secret of Mr. Popeye's strength from a supermarket aisle!

Totino's pizza, well this strikes close to home... right in the freezer to be precise. Saying I live off frozen foods would be an exaggeration, however the frozen pizza rolls and pizza are a life saver for me at times....infact I almost ate one of these yesterday but then decided to order a nice fresh pizza from pizzahut online( something to do with Halloween?)

This press release talks about destroying the pizza, but what about those that have already been consumed... anyway, I've still got one of these lying in my freezer, don't think it would contaminate the rest of the items in the freezer!!!

All the recalls, well it makes me think twice before buying a gift for a kid, after all the tainted food, tainted toys, what's next... well then i guess there are some things that should be taken with a pinch of salt and despite not being a health freak, i will still have to destroy the pizza!


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Dev said...

Hey... where you disappeared to? :)
Don't tell me you ate the pizza! ;)