Sunday, October 14, 2007

48 hours

It was my first experience at a parish bazaar here in the US. We stumbled upon it by chance; our intention was to attend mass and while we found the church under lock and key decided to find the reason for the cancellation of the evening mass. Blame it on me for not reading the parish bulletin.

The limited time we spent there, was splendid, as with everything else, there seemed to be no lack of enthusiasm for a church bazaar. As is human nature, follow the crowd and we found ourselves queuing up in front of the funnel cakes stall! Not that we knew anything at all about funnel cakes! If people can wait in a queue while there are many other stalls with no queues, there should be some reason. The cakes were good….didn't resemble a funnel in any way though, the name could be because of the use of a funnel while making the cake, wouldn't even call it a cake...

The stores comprised from regular flea market kind of stuff, to live music, an auction, raffle games, and of course food and drinks. The rains seemed to have been kept at bay just enough for the occasion.

A visit to an art exhibition yesterday featuring Annu Naik and my second visit to SJV in as many days, this seemed like a perfect weekend.

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