Saturday, July 14, 2007


From a post a week to a post a month!

The spate of movie releases is ongoing, after the trilogies here comes the pentalogy! (Well there seems to be no word like that!). Will try and do a LIFO for the significant thoughts I would probably have mused about on this blog under different circumstances (whatever that may mean) and yet I promise only to try.

Back to the Order of the Phoenix, watched the movie @IMAX; however our tickets were for the 'regular' screens, nevertheless the movie compensated for the lack of 'experience'.

A condensation of almost 900 pages to a little more than 2 hours and I must say that this rendition seems worthy of a good review. It is an eternal debate if having read the book would have made for a better watching experience… My friends who haven’t read the book awaited in anticipation, to know more about the return of Voldermort and all the hurdles and abracadabra Harry Potter would reveal on screen.

On the same lines, I believe the Da Vinci Code movie, would have been confusing to follow if I had not read the book whereas I was able to follow the Bourne series and LOTR which did a marvelous job of story telling without having read the books.

From little and cute to almost mature adults, the characters have come a long way. Harry Potter and his friends have come of age, his battle with his fears is more prominent, he thinks deeply and his fear that he could be turning into something evil is heartfelt. Dolores Umbridge’s character was perfectly portrayed, all pink, all rules on wooden boards…!, Ralph Fieness as Lord Voldemort was awesome as always, hard to believe that this is the same guy who swept Jennifer Lopez off her feet in ‘Maid in Manhattan’, while he seems like the perfect 'Red Dragon’!!!

The special effects seemed slightly mediocre for a movie with this amount of buzz, however the movie didn’t stop, there were no long pauses on nothingness…

A worthy watch, can't wait to drink in the last installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

More on the spate of movies…

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Rajz said...

Err... Potter who? There's a potter named Harry and they made 5 movies on him?! OMG! To what level has Hollywood come to?!

(Coming from a simpleton who hasn't seen any potter movies or read potter books :)