Wednesday, December 06, 2006

That hour

What do you do when you have an hour to kill?, an hour of absolute ‘nothing to do’…? No mosquitoes to kill
And no, you can’t watch a movie, you can’t read a novel, you can’t watch a TV show, you can’t clean your house and you can’t sleep!

A few things you could do
-> write a post for your blog
-> don’t have a blog, never mind read posts on other’s blogs and comment
-> write a story, use your imagination
-> write a mail to your friends on last week’s activities
-> read and research on products you plan to buy in the next 1 to 5 years!
-> read and comment on technical forums!.. Welcome to the geek world!
-> make a lot of short phone calls after all, no one else is free when you are and versa vice
-> walk across to your neighbor’s cubicle and bore him to death talking about UFO’s
-> don’t use the elevators, walk up and down six floors to get to the vending machine for a pack of gum
-> pay your bills online
-> Sudoku – eureka! Make sure you have a printed copy and are not doing it online

Disclaimer: Use Extreme caution if your company monitors internet usage! This is not a consolidated list, addition to the above are welcome


Dev said...

->Moonwalk across your boss's cabin
->Give crank calls to ur neighbour's extensions

Bini said...

During the hostel days..the most appropriate way was -go to the neighbour's room and doing some TP:-)

Mogamboo said...

-> forgot oRKUT?
-> Chat??
if nobody is online u can chat to uerself :-)) try new smileys....
maaan there are 1000 things like that ...

Selvaraj.S said...

is that the reason u peek into my cubicle sometimes :-)