Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Prestige is not so prestigious!

Time: Friday, 10:30 PM
Venue: Tinseltown
It was our date with 'The Prestige'. Hugh Jackman in the cast seemed like reason enough to watch the movie but it was not to be! This movie is about two magicians, Angier and Borden each trying to upstage the other in terms of their performances on stage and unseemingly offstage too. All this leads to a cat and mouse game in the awfully long 2 hours 10 minutes that the movie lasts.

The title refers to the last act of a magician, the Prestige or the final act, an act so spectacular it should leave the audience awe-inspired. It is their quest to achieve such a splendid act. It is a narrative movie but somehow midway loses focus and gets into confusing plots, there seems to be a very thin line between the narration and the story. The narration follows Angier and his quest and the rest of the plots are intermingled. It even has a reference to Thomas Edison trying to get hold of a formula for electricity? A plot that gets so hazy and messed up, it requires full concentration...take a few minutes off screen and it could be tough to follow.

Great acting by Christian Bale as Borden while was it a pretty ordinary performance by Jackman.

We somehow seem to pick all the wrong movies to watch as a team!


Bini said...

hey..forgot to tell you I watched this one the day it came out!...liked it too but the Illusionist was more mind blowing I guess..

Rajz said...

Hmmm.. had my mind on watching the movie.. i was pretty impressed by the trailer... you could watch "The departed" if you haven't already... I've never seen any movie get a 93% rating on (Stop laughing.. I'm serious!) ;)

Vogon Interpreter!! said...

hmm well should i say u saved me 8 bucks... or should i still give it a shot.. the Prestige???
BTW i agree with Binaisha.. the Illusionist was really nice... the twist and everythign included a very nice move.. as long as you can stand the few scenes which couldve been edited better,.. but yes indeed a good movie.. the Illusionist..!!
and abt Rajs point about departed... i have to agree its a riveting movie.. dint realise it was such a long movie until i stepped out of the theatre and checked the time,,, and ogt late for a dinner appointment with myself :)...
spell binding is how id like ot put it.. so dontmiss the Departed...

Dev said...

Hey.. I havent watched this movie yet, but the trailers look real intriguing! Despite ur warning, I think I'm gonna catch this one here. :)