Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy 25th birthday to Infosys

As I write this post, celebrations are underway in Infosys India centers to mark the 25th year of Infosys Technologies Ltd. It is indeed an achievement, the scales and heights Infosys has achieved. Celebrations are obviously subdued here in onsite locations but the remote ringing of the opening bell at NASDAQ from Mysore, and if Times Square comes into the picture, then it must be really cool.

Hats off to the founders of Infy, from ordinary people to people who can change society, the transformation of Infosys, of the board is marvelous, credit to the universities such as Mysore that helped in the formation of such thinking, some credit to the Karnataka government too I guess for harnessing and helping IT grow to the extent it has. All is not hunky dory as it sounds, and I know it never will be, but this is the moment, the time to appreciate all the good that has come along the way.

I have been personally involved in Prerana, the social service wing of Infosys, M'lore and it’s a special feeling when you can give back something to the society we live in. All the events that we have, its not really only about pumping in the funds to help the needy, more so I believe its the time that you can spend in such initiatives, there's a feeling of contentment. The Infosys Foundation's multi crore Wenlock hospital pediatrics project is another huge initiative and my hope is for it to turn into an example of corporate involvement and sustenance where needed. It is no wonder then that Infosys is the most admired Indian brand in the global market.


Dev said...

25 years... seems a long time. Wasnt even born then.

Infosys is one company that dared ppl to dream. Imagine how this company started with a handful of ppl provides so much employment, social service, etc etc etc. I could go on, but u know...

Happy 25 yrs! :)

Vogon Interpreter!! said...

:D im sure it feels good to be a part of history!!

Bini said...

A Proud Infosysian...glad u'r a part of the big family...They have come a long way..